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Master Facilitator, Coach and Mentor

I spent three and a half years in project management, working under Wayne. During this time I developed in-depth knowledge, great exposure, and lasting experience as a foreigner from Singapore. It was indeed an eye-opener working with Wayne and dealing with the huge market in China, involving massive volume. Still fresh in my mind are those problems we were overseeing in the end-to-end process. From the tender stage, contractual matters, order confirmation/technical compliances, manufacturing quality, on-time delivery, installation matters, and handing over challenges.

I remember there were many young project engineers and managers employed at branch offices across the country. The market growth was exponential and coping with the high numbers of secured orders with a shortage of experienced and trained project staff was a great challenge. Skill development training was of utmost importance and I was really impressed by the energy and passion you had working and traveling tirelessly every week to various regions, coaching, mentoring, facilitating, and helping improve the skill levels of our project staff.

My experience is that facilitation quality on skill development varies greatly. You are either doing it for the sake of going through the motions OR conducting it skillfully, benefiting the participants and capturing their interest. Preparing them for real-life situations which I find you are really good at it indeed. There is always a saying “Doing it right the first time” and this is the message you were emphasizing and putting into everyone’s mind.

Wayne, you are an extraordinary facilitator/coach/leader with the capability to reach out to the people, gaining their trust and confidence. Your programs are marvelous, while the skills and knowledge being shared are so practical. And more importantly, you deliver your training with great motivation and patience, creating sessions that are so lively and full of excitement.

What makes the difference is that many have learned from the coaching you provided, whenever you attend to those requiring your help and attention. There is no word that can express your enthusiasm to build and develop the skills of so many staff and I envy those people who are now able to enjoy your coaching and teaching.

Vincent Teng, Founder and CEO

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