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Writing is one of our most primary forms of communication. Executives need to have the ability to write clearly, concisely and with accuracy. Poor grammar and the use of inappropriate words not only hampers our ability to express ourselves but leaves a lasting impression on those we are liaising with.
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one and a half centuries ago

Capturing your thoughts on carbon copy paper became a reality around 1868 and today has manifested itself into various forms of the original typewriter.

a clean sheet of thought

Today the beauty of the computer, just like other digital products, is the ease with which we can produce and edit until we are happy with the final result.

Significance of writing

The gift of being able to read the thoughts of others is only overshadowed by the ability to write those thoughts yourself. There are few finer gifts than this.

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Unlike writing a book, the modern day scribe has evolved towards the story story format called the blog. Articles range anywhere from a few hundred words to a few thousand. Learning to express and format that words in a way that captures today’s reader has become an art off itself. Learn the basics to get more hits and shares on your articles.


With the basics locked in you are ready to start reviewing the way in which you write. Your style, the specific genre of interest, the audience you are wanting to appeal to and much more. Do you write factual content or more conversational? Do words flow easily onto the page or do you ponder over ever sentence? Learning and mastering this takes you a big step ahead of your colleagues.


And then onto the creative writer in you. The story teller that can captivate the reader and keep them wanting more. Don’t think you have those qualities? Don’t fear because help is at hand. Join us and learn some fundamental techniques which can support you along this journey. All Elite Executive Talent should establish this solid communication base.

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