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Private Videos-4-Execs

Want to step up your game.

Learning how to perform in front of and behind the camera is a powerful leadership skills which can stand you apart from your colleagues and make the difference in being noticed or staying in the pack.
Come and join me to see how?


Master the method which has become the most favored way of being watched on social media

presentability and charisma

Important that all leaders understand the impact they can create through their posture and movements.

useful business techniques

Have some fun at work and win the admiration of your team with fun interactive acting sessions.

Join now and DEVELOP your SOCIAL MEDIA communications API


Learn Videoing techniques

Like everything in life, the better you lay the foundation the stronger the results of any future construction. This applies equally to your social media experience. If you want to master this area then the best place to start is on the shop floor – or in this case the behind the scenes. Understanding the requirements to making good videos.

Master your presence

Stage presence is an art. An acquired skill that sadly doesn’t come naturally to most of us. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. It’s hugely important and the higher the corporate ladder you rise the more important it becomes. Therefore if you have aspiration (as most Elite Executive Talent do) to reach that lofty pinnacle some day then this is for you.

Practice your pitch

Preparing your short dialog and practicing it in front of the camera for later review is invaluable for improving the way you are received by the audience. It is common for all actors to practice their scenes for hours before going on stage.
If it’s good enough for the professionals, don’t you think it might be have some equal benefits for you?

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