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Coaching, Mentoring, and Facilitating Global Executives

After serving in the international corporate space for more than eight years, and coming from 17 years in different operational positions in my homeland (Spain) all of which in the one industry, it was for time to take stock and appraise my professional future. This is why I have decided to seek the services of Skills 4 Eexuctives.

Defining the vision thanks to the program and series of helpful questions offered by S4E, my assigned coach Wayne Brown, supported me identify the next steps to reach my target. The big challenge in this strategy is the complexity of the matrix organization and the different interest of all stakeholders at different levels, we defined a timeline for the target of 2 years.

By understanding my own needs and motivation, linking professional and personal goals, Wayne and I co-created a milestone-centered action plan.  And importantly the plan enables me to use my learnings from my global experience, to continue contributing to the company.

In that sense, the methodology introduced by S4E has helped me a lot to first discover my real needs (personally and professionally) and the best solutions for my future direction. I have already initiated the action steps in a very transparent way with my leadership team, and after coaching and mentoring from Wayne I have had the confidence to propose a strategy that is the best for the company and for me.

Overall it has been an excellent, positive experience. Based on some great conversations with a lot of listening from the coach has helped me to get a clear vision of my achievements, current challenges, and next steps. I will definitely, recommend S4E to my friends and other colleagues.

Juan Miguel Lahoz, Global Head of Modernization

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