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A treasure chest of goodies

Gathered and refined over multiple career lifetimes!
The theories, tools and templates offered here-in are those identified, used and refined over the years by the originator. 

They are often used inside our courses or Masterminds and we offer the lists freely for your enjoyment.

You will find that we use many of these resources when engaging through any of our businesses.

Who are they for?

Simple answer - they are for anyone looking for something to help broaden their knowledge or support with a project.
The theories, tools and templates we are listing here come from decades of searching for and applying many of them in our own practice.
We link you to the original source (where possible) so that you have access to the latest - whether that is a theory, a set of tools or perhaps some associated templates.

Coaching TTT's

We have an ever expanding list

Mentoring TTT's

Linking directly to the sites

Feedback TTT's

So, study, learn and apply.

More free theories, tools & templates

Operations & Management

Facilitation & Presentation

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Misc. & General Business

Donations from the group

Do you have some tools or templates which we don’t cover here? If so and you would like to share them with others, then we would be more than happy to add them into the above offerings. Simply let us know through the following link and we can start communicating.


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