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The best things in life..

Are FREE..... On this page you will have access to all our free courses as well as the catalog with our latest educational offerings.

Here's a sampling of our free webinars

SOLO executives

Available for viewing Jan 2022

This is a recorded webinar series covering 6 episodes and was released at the same time as the book. Download your webinar workbook before you start and then complete it as you work through each session.


Harnessing CHANGE

Available for veiwing from Feb 2022

All executive leaders must understand the value of change and the necessity for constantly pushing the boundaries with-in the team to build on creativity & innovation. Download the workbook to complete the exercises during the 3 sessions.

Coming soon...

“Running with your game plan”

This is a 10 session series developed on the back of my video show and podcast episodes covering the 10 Leadership skills which every executive needs to master before they move into the truly agile and uncertain technology driven world.

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Coaches blog posts

We target the release of one blog per week as a standard and on special occasions release multiple together. These articles are grouped under 7 categories so be sure to check them out.

Mentors Rant - Videos

The series started out as a humorous look at some serious topics. It has quickly become an educational source for many leaders and is packed with useful lessons. Targeting one per fortnight.

S4E News

We publish a newsletter every 6 months - while that may not seem like much, its packed with current daily insights affecting our industry. Check out the latest edition.

couchTALK - Podcasts

Yes we have a podcast and it's called couchTALK. Here you will find interviews and leadership discussions on a host of topics generating knowledge and insights. Targeting one per fortnight.

S4E Webinars

This page provides a first look at some of the free webinar material available. We will target one each quarter and will continue to add to this list. Mostly a mixture of short and long sessions.

S4E Disruptors Forum

Stay tuned for more on this new group which is planned for launch during the first quarter of 2022. We aim to bring together great discussion from Leaders of industry.


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