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Executive Team Coaching

Our team, which prided itself on developing and delivering outstanding face-to-face training for a decade, was in dire straits when all training grounded to a halt in 2020. We expedited our transformation to digitalisation, but a big challenge was the team’s motivation in that VUCA world of COVID. We were the prisoners of our own (past) success.

As learning professionals, we knew there were no shortage of theories, books addressing the dilemma. Nevertheless, we needed workable (and easy to understand) models, structured frameworks, practical tools, and a walkthrough to show us the path. That was when Wayne came into the picture to lead and coach through the journey.

There is little filler or fluff in Wayne’s team coaching approach. It is pragmatic, methodical and constantly pushing one’s boundary. It is a self-discovery, action-learning journey of a series of small yet impactful steps, actions, and events for the team.

While every team member might get something different from it, the organisational results speak for themselves. The Zhongshan team’s silver medal in the 2021 business learning design national contest is just another latest achievement in learning digitalisation.

Transformation is never easy. Yet, it is not necessarily painful or unbearable when one knows there is someone to lean on and offer guidance on the Yellow Brick Road.

Albert Leung, Head of Facilitation, Learning and Transformation, Asia Pacific

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