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Leading companies...

Using executive simulations help build strategic alignment and execution capabilities of Leaders. Those capabilities play out when faced with the following type business challenges:

  • Accelerating innovation and strategy execution
  • Implementing key performance objectives
  • Improving business acumen and decision-making

The Perfect Storm...

There really is no substitute for hands on learning. Being thrown into the deep end and confronted with scenarios which require immediate decisions and actions, challenge even the most experienced.

It really is the perfect storm for stimulation and engagement, together with deeper understanding.

Individual or in Groups

Within minutes of being placed in a simulation, users are grappling with issues and decisions that they must make. And competition among teams spurs engagement, invention and discovery.

We partner with some of the leading simulation companies around the world. Whichever continent you are located on we have a simulation partner that can work with you.


An executive simulation uses real-world competitive dynamics and places executives and leaders in an environment where they step out of their normal day-to-day roles and gain exposure to the bigger picture. Allowing participants to make decisions in a risk-free situation, enables them to experience critical interdependencies and execute best practices.

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