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Pre-session package

This is a detailed package including, a 3 part eLearning, workbook complete with case studies and a virtual kick-off meeting. We open with a review of the many theories and tools.

session topic 2

At the Beginning - as always getting the process right from the beginning is essential for a successful outcome and therefore we need to understand the responsibilities of each role at this stage.

session topic 4

Closing and following-up - finally towards the end of the process as the new methods are being adopted, we observe how the three roles responsibilities make one final transition. This is also critical in embedding lasting successful change.

Session Topic 1

Introducing the Change Roles - once we are clear on the available theories and tools we take a deeper look into the roles of three key players - the Executive Sponsor, the Team and the Change Leader.

session topic 3

During the Initiative - as the change initiative moves into the next phase which we call the "core", we note that the responsibilities of the three roles change once again and explore what this means.

post-session package

As a take-away from our day together, you will have a workbook filled with notes, tips and ideas. A personal action plan to implement. The opportunity to join a virtual follow-up call together with a free 30 min. coaching call.

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