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Facilitation Mastery

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Presence & confidence

Mastery in the
5 core stages of all Facilitation.

Calling all elite executives

Pre-session package

This is a detailed package including, a 3 part eLearning, workbook complete with case studies and a virtual kick-off meeting. We open with a review of the five core facilitation topics.

session topic 2

The Opening - in terms of memory recall we refer to the opening moments as "Primacy." You have a small window of opportunity to make the entire session a lasting highlight. We show you how.

session topic 4

Following-up - many facilitators miss this great chance to differentiate and connect. Not only is it good for your career but it truly beneficial for your participants. Refresher check-ins deepen the learning.

Session Topic 1

Preparation - an essential first step and if we as the saying goes "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail." So true in this setting and we'll provide you with the critical considerations needed for success.

session topic 3

The Close - in terms of recall memory we refer to the closing moments as "Recency."
Here you can leave your team or audience begging for more and life long promoters. We help you stand out from the crowd.

post-session package

As a take-away from our day together, you will have a workbook filled with notes, tips and ideas. A personal action plan to implement. The opportunity to join a virtual follow-up call together with a free 30 min. coaching call.

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