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Communication as a core Strength

Take Your Career To The Next Level

expressive & charismatic

Excelling in written prose, using body language and voice to motivate.

Calling all elite executives

Pre-session package

This is a detailed package including, a 3 part eLearning, workbook complete with case studies and a virtual kick-off meeting. We open with a review of the eight core communications topics.

session topic 2

Expression and Charisma - Create impact the moment you enter the room. Command respect and attention purely through your presence. Demonstrate that winning confidence.

session topic 4

Motivational speaking - Our final element of this Mastermind is to bring it all together. By writing great speeches, having a commanding presence, your pitch perfect vocals and delivering applause worthy keynotes.

Session Topic 1

Written prose - our focus is to help you bring greater clarity and influence through the text you produce. Complete with tools and techniques that enable writing with punch and persuasion.

session topic 3

Voice - timbre, pitch and projection. Using your voice to it's fullest extent creates a powerful new dimension to your leadership capabilities. Our third element in mastering communication.

post-session package

As a take-away from our day together, you will have a workbook filled with notes, tips and ideas. A personal action plan to implement. The opportunity to join a virtual follow-up call together with a free 30 min. coaching call.

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