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Coaching with Purpose

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Calling all elite executives

Pre-session package

This is a detailed package including, a 3 part eLearning, workbook complete with case studies and a virtual kick-off meeting. We open by unravelling the many coaching theories, models and methods.

session topic 2

ABC - Always Be Contracting - as Peter Hawkins rightly states, as coaches we should always be contracting. In this session we explore the impulses that enable this to occur.

session topic 4

Achievement Sustainability - Kotter says "never declare vistory too soon" and this applies equally with coaching change. Creating a pathway for sustainability is key for lasting results with individuals as it is with teams. We'll show you how.

Session Topic 1

Re-affirming relationship - introducing the method called "Appreciative Inquiry," we illustrate and demonstrate how this technique deepens and strengthens the connection between coach and coachee.

session topic 3

Stretch and Release - it is essential to stretch the coachee beyond their comfort zone to create change. And it is just as important to enable moments of release for recovery - acknowledge and reflect.

post-session package

As a take-away from our day together, you will have a workbook filled with notes, tips and ideas. A personal action plan to implement. The opportunity to join a virtual follow-up call together with a free 30 min. coaching call.

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