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Who is self-study for?

These online courses are designed for our elite executive talent that are wanting to learn and develop themselves. Most modules are stand-alone, but may also form part of the blended programs offered in our F2F workshops.
So if you are an executive looking for an array of Leadership related topics, then this will be a great place to start.

Try Our 4 online Masterminds a core Strength

Clarity and Impact


  • 1 day online w/shop
  • 8 core comms areas
  • Influence with prose
  • Expression-Charisma
  • Impactful vocals
  • Motivating speeches
  • plus more

Facilitation Mastery

Career Shaping


  • 1 day online w/shop
  • 5 critical stages
  • Essential preparation
  • Opening tactics
  • Finishing on a high
  • Refresh into Action
  • plus more

The Change Laboratory

Change Leadership


  • 1 day online w/shop
  • Theories and tools
  • Understanding roles
  • And responsibilities
    • in the beginning
    • during the core
    • and at the end

Coaching with Purpose

Peak Performance


  • 1 day online w/shop
  • Theories and models
  • Reaffirming rapport
  • ABC…
  • Stretch and release
  • Achievement sustainability

Live and recorded Webinars

Are you one of the growing fan base using webinars as a means of increasing your learning? Our team are here to support and place great emphasis on you learning through our sessions. Try it and see what you think?

Videos and Podcasts

Among today’s most popular mediums for digital learning are video and podcasts. Visit our YouTube channel “Mentors Rant” and our podcast show “couchTALK”, subscribe and be notified each time we add more content to our growing educational library.

Interactive eLearnings

The aim of today’s eLearnings is to evoke engagement through interaction. No longer do we allow you to sit passively. Try it and you will know what we mean.

Never stop developing

Join the other elite executives that are already on the journey and furthering their careers.

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