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Elite Legend’s Qualifiers

Learn how you can qualify...

Read below about the requirements to become eligible and your next steps.
You are so close to beginning the adventure, can smell that sweet breeze?

To qualify as an “Elite Legend” literally requires time – time building your career and time growing your experience.

Our 5 Pre-requisites

  1. You must be over 50.
  2. You must have worked for a min. of 30 years.
  3. You must have served as a Branch, Factory, Functional leader.
  4. You must be actively pursuing or expanding your business.
  5. You must enjoy having fun and socializing.

Next steps

  • Access the registration form
  • Review pricing details.
  • Outline your experience in the registration form and submit it
  • Receive notification that S4E representative will call
  • Discuss your application with facilitator
  • Start packing your bags, and booking your flight
  • Sweet breeze and blue oceans here I come

fall in love with our masterminds

- on site

For those at the forefront of shaping the direction of business, products and services. This is the high-rollers Mastermind where we guarantee to stretch your thinking and provoke new ideas.

Communicate Your Strengths - online

We all do it - Communicate! Whether through written, voice or body language, facial expressions or movement. Yet surprising few have mastered the art. This Mastermind allows you to excel and shine.

Coaching with Purpose
- online

This Mastermind is only for experienced coaches. Together we tweak your knowledge and skills to achieve peak performance outcomes. And along the way providing new techniques for sustainability.

- on site

Self-discovery, through reflection and mindfulness practices while hiking in the wilderness, with friends and colleagues. A chance to disengage from the daily stresses and to explore inner thoughts and feelings.

Facilitation Mastery
- online

Learning to facilitate with mastery is a gift sort out by successful executives. Professionally run meeting, support your teams, and host events - in person or virtually. Essential skills you will take away.

The Change Labratory
- online

Our world is all about constant change and executives must successfully embrace it to survive. In this Mastermindwe work on adaptability and agility, discussing ways to leverage rather than fear.


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SKILLS 4 EXECUTIVES LIMITED strives to develop Elite Executive Talent

Co-creating “Moments of Inner Magic”
coaching, mentoring, and facilitating for transformative leadership in organizations.