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the "WHY" behind the subject matters

All training needs to illustrate the WHY behind the subject matters importance.

align the "MUST KNOW" topics with MO's

  • All training must align the "MUST KNOW" topics to deliver the Measurable Outcomes.

state "Measurable Outcomes" (MO's)

All training must clearly state Measurable Outcomes from the outset.

balance theory and practical experiences

All training must balance theory and practical experiences to lock in that learning and improve retention.

3 important home truths

  1. If the Supervisor (your immediate boss) spends time with you before the session, to outline their expectations and reasons for you completing this training, then the likely learning retention improves significantly.
  2. Regardless of whether it is a virtual or classroom module, incorporate the 4 points above plus – all training must review the topic in different ways and multiple times and must ensure that you establish Take Away Actions.
  3. If the Supervisor (your immediate boss) spends time with you immediately following the session, to understand your learning and most importantly to review your take-away actions, then the likelihood of behavior change improves dramatically.

We offer Instructional Design and Facilitation services on a variety of executive subjects.

Here’s 3 of our popular products.

Elite Talent


Emotive Leaders


Coaches Insight


Frequently asked questions

Blended learning is the term given to a training or workshop which includes a combination of face to face activities, together with an array of digital components and technology. For example, in all 3 of the above blended programs, participants come together to learn, interact, network etc. in a workshop environment. In addition to this however, we offer a large variety of digital support material including case studies, eLearnings, videos, animations, follow-up webinars, forums etc. 

Each module is priced based on the duration, the venue and city, the support functions offered and a host of other variables. In each case the price is available by request through our team. Send a message to Just state the module or program name, the date and venue you wish to attend and we will be happy to provide you with the agenda and pricing.  

In the majority of cases, there are no prerequisites for attending. If you are interested in the module then request more information through the above link and a representative will connect with you to discuss any requirements or limitations.

The answer is that it depends on the module. However as a guide our aim is to maintain the intimacy in the workshop, between facilitator and participants. And our experience shows that this starts to diminish beyond 15-20 people. Therefore this our normal target size.

We are always looking for the right partners – these are experienced, professional and qualified facilitators and coaches. The most important prerequisite is that they have served some time and have a passion for helping executives develop and grow through their support and guidance. If you meet those requirements and believe that you bring value to the partnership which we need to know about, then please make initial contact through

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