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A quick snap shot of what you can expect in this section of the website.
We're hoping to make your journey simple and clear.


If you asked me the question what I enjoyed most outside of coaching & mentoring I’d say hosting our Mastermind workshops in exotic destinations with some great talent.

A great way to grow - self-study

There is no denying that digital learning through the programs offered online is here to stay. It’s an area which all executives need to embrace, grow from and thrive.

Blended Face 2 Face workshops

Whether it’s because of the networking opportunities, the ability to engage and interact, ask questions or simply feel part of a larger group, this workshop is still the favorite.

Challenging the Executive simulations

If ever you wanted to test yourself against the best then this is a great way to start off. Here you challenge your strategies against the brilliance of the program. Good luck!

fall in love with THE CHOICE

Watch n Listen 4 FREE

Nothing beats free learning material, and our aim is to ensure you have it in abundance. Check it our and register for more.

Great FREE resources

There is literally so much on offer that you will be like a kid in a candy store and spoiled for choice. Happy and enjoyable shopping.


Our local team is small and talented, while our global reach is large and expert thanks to the partners we work with.


We also have a serious side, but with some truly generous offers. Masterminds, online, F2F workshops and more.

Promotions & GIFTS

Check it out - every couple of months we change what we have on promotion or revisit what's being offered as a free give-away :).

Something NEW

Your success requires that we stay creative and current. One example is our Disruptors-4-Execs which pushes the limits.

Develop Elite executive talent

It has never been easier to make that step up to a brighter career with our support by your side.


SKILLS 4 EXECUTIVES LIMITED strives to develop Elite Executive Talent

Co-creating “Moments of Inner Magic”
coaching, mentoring, and facilitating for transformative leadership in organizations.