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Our Team

Franziska Jin

The real genius behind the scenes. Franziska is co-founder of Skills 4 Executives and Marketing-Communications Director for the day to day. She is really the glue that holds it all together when things get crazy. Entered the elevator-escalator industry as a Management Trainee many years ago and now travels the world seeking out new opportunities.

Gifted with academic, creative, and musical talents, we are blessed to have her Superpowers in our company. BTW check out her singing at the bottom of the page. Extraordinary!


Our team possesses exceptional skills with all things media. Whether building interactive eLearnings, editing videos and podcasts, on photo shoots, or handling the latest creative software. 

Writing Team

A 4 person all female team committed to research and writing. Each lady with different backgrounds but a common passion for research and writing.

Graphic Artist

Our extraordinary and gifted artist is Faye (Fei Meng Chi). Passionate about life, Faye’s love for drawing shows in her creative results. Look at any of our material and you will find examples of her talent. 

Customer Review

BUT hey you would expect us to write great things about our team right? So don’t take our word for listen to what our customers have to say about dealing with the team.

For anyone in business you know that it’s the team not the individual that makes the company and the difference. At Skills for Executives we are blessed to be able to work with some extraordinary talents – whether suppliers, vendors, core team, partners or affiliates.

Evangelene Lu, KPMG

"Not sure how they manage to achieve what they do, but they are exceptional - each and every time we use their service”

Carol Zhang, Lend Lease

"You just get that feeling that these guys have it all going on and nothing is a problem for them - really love their interaction"

Jonathan Winters, Siemens

"One of the best partners we have with our business today. Whatever our leadership challenge S4E help us find the solution”


SKILLS 4 EXECUTIVES LIMITED strives to develop Elite Executive Talent

Co-creating “Moments of Inner Magic”
coaching, mentoring, and facilitating for transformative leadership in organizations.