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Wayne Brown




Life Experience

1960 - Present


Born and breed. Lived in most States and Territories. Attended primary and high schools in the Pine Rivers area, Brisbane, Queensland. Started sports in same location – rugby league, cricket, swimming, tennis.

1981 - Present

Global traveller

I have a long bucket list with plenty of it ticked off. But equally as much still to explore. Typically in a different country 6-10 times a year. Want to catch up for coffee somewhere in a city near you, then there’s a good chance we can arrange it. Most recent two bucket list items – helicopter over the 12 Apostles in the Great Australian Bight and an autumn hike in the southern Rockies, New Mexico.

August 2020

Latest achievement - Book author

Yes depending on when you are reading this you may or may not have a chance to pick up a copy of my book titled SOLO executives – 5 transformational strategies for Leaders overcoming isolation, anxiety and fatigue as we transition through our career.

About Me

Married to a wonderful lady called Xiaoyun Jin (Franziska) with a daughter Rochelle. Together the 3 of us manage the workload between our social and private lives.

My top 2 strengths – Strategist and Futurist. Apart from my family, one of most recent and proud achievements is taking on the challenge of conquering the online business world at the youthful age of 60.

Business Experience

1974 - 1985

Part & full time

1974 - 1977: 2 part time roles - one working in a bottle shop drive through stacking cases of beer. The second scrubbing pots n pans in a seafood restaurant. Humble beginnings & great lessons. 1978 - 1984: Full time: S.E.Q.E.B - Dunk Island - Ralph M. Lee (heavy industrial and commercial electrical)

1985 - Present

Elevator-Escalator Industry

Worked with KONE - Schindler - thyssenKrupp Elevator Commenced in Sydney, Australia and since covered the globe. From Service technician through to global head of Learning and almost everything in between.

1984 - Present

Businesses-company owner

I love being an entrepreneur and developing businesses from the ground up. Started the 1st of 7 small businesses in 1984 called Qld Country Electrical Services. 1st company called T.R.E. Holdings. Current company called Skills 4 Executives Limited. Has 5 divisions operating under it - Coaching 4 Companies, Facilitation 4 Companies, Education 4 Companies, A Mentors Couch and S4E Publishing.

% time living-working since 1978

Australia 40%
NZ 16%
China 28%
HK 16%



SKILLS 4 EXECUTIVES LIMITED strives to develop Elite Executive Talent

Co-creating “Moments of Inner Magic”
coaching, mentoring, and facilitating for transformative leadership in organizations.