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Coaching and Mentoring Standards

The foundational premise that underpins the success of all of our coaching and mentoring agreements, is the belief in establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with our counterparts.

At C4C we work hard at striving to find ways to ensure that this is achieved. The seven pillars that we use to assess and guide our global associates are central to this approach. Let’s look closer at each.

Cluster 1:   Compliance and Privacy

  • Ethics, morals, and aligned values + confidentiality.

As certified coaches and mentors we adopt strict adherence to both the International Coaching Federation and the European Mentors and Coaching Council’s ethics, standards, and competencies.

    • Our global associates must also sign to confirm that they are equally committed to these standards are agree to be held accountable should they be found to deviate from them.

Cluster 2:   Ownership, Accountability, and Results

  • Evidence-based theories and practices that achieve results with global clients.

Demographic diversity, diluted cultures, and our VUCA world are all realities that we experience daily in our professional and private lives. Therefore we seek only those coaches and mentors that are able to demonstrate the competence and capabilities needed to provide client value under these circumstances.

    • Only evidence and science-based theories are permitted to be used in the practices of our associates.

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