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Is this near you?

Our global network of associates mean that we even get to lecture at exotic locations like this.

We could even be in an area close to you !

Things to ask when making your inquiry

One of the first considerations when making your inquiry is to understand which dates you are available.

Next check the agenda to see what other exciting speakers you are interested in, so that the event is truly memorable and worthwhile.

Another important consideration is the venue. The first reason is to be able to determine whether the it is with-in easy reach.

Probably needless to say but make sure you inquire about the entrance price or ticket cost. Is it affordable?

Accommodation is another topic often overlooked. Particularly if it you need to stay overnight.  

And finally rounding out our top 6 things to consider – work out how you can get to the venue – drive, bus, train.


Don't miss any public lectures or presentations in your area. Find out from our team where the next live event is being held.


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