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A Book, New Strategies and Effective Coaching

Fast economic growth in China has been slowing down in recent years after decades of rapid growth, being an executive in a global company, I and my team are facing great challenges: how to survive and find new business opportunities to ensure sustainable faster growth? How to better prepare me and my team for these challenges?

Apart from my and team discussions and debates, I would like also to obtain some clues and ideas from external: customers, real estate developers,s and professional consultants are my 3 preferences. I have personally known Mr. Wayne Brown for more than 10 years, he is a trustworthy coach and sharp advisor. This time he shares with me his new book – SOLO executives and S4E. I am amazed by his sharing of “5 transformational strategies for leaders”. It supports my strategies (the WHAT) with new helpful out-of-box ideas as well as a strong (HOW) methodology. Working in a big organization a smart idea can be successful only after a thoughtful analysis and preparation supported by a well-structured execution plan by a devoted diverse team. S4E leads and inspires me with more consideration of “WHAT” and a systemic tool “HOW”, and the result is truly awarding because we do have a faster and breakthrough business growth even during the COVID-19 period.

People may every day be retracted by all kinds of information and training programs. I recommend you to read both his book and participate in his coaching. My suggestion is that good learning is based on 3 fundamentals otherwise it doesn’t work:
1. Find only a trusty worthy and experienced coach or institution, as I said I chose S4E because I have been trusting and respecting the author for more than 10 years;
2. Ideas and methodology work only on those who want and are eager to learn, not on those who have been fully filled and overwhelmed with his/her own past experiences;
3. New learning is supportive only when we apply and practice it in our real work.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the S4E journey as I do.

Helen Ling, Senior Vice President, Field Operation of China North

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